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Hort & Culture
Hort & Culture 

My name is David, and I'm a professional horticulturist (M.S.)! I fell in love with plants, science, and the environment nearly 20 years ago, and now after years of study and business experience, I'm ready to grow my own business. Hort & Culture LLC is located in Colorado and is ready to bring you new plants and plant ideas year-round.

  • Need to add some fresh air to your home? There's a variety of options perfect for nearly every home!

  • Want to make your Zoom background the envy of your colleagues? Let's chat and set you up with the PERFECT plant pals!

  • Need to figure out what's wrong with one of your plants? I'll gladly put my years of diagnostic experience to work for you. 

  • Just want to put a smile on someone else's face? Let's talk about the perfect get for them.

Be sure to check plant descriptions for full care tips!
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